about doubledotdash!?
doubledotdash!? is music organisation based in reading. berkshire. uk. keep it local.

all enquiries to DOUBLEDOTDASH[at]GMAIL[dot]COM.

R. A. Q. (rarely asked questions)

Q: when did doubledotdash!? start?
A: it started at the end of january 2004. it started as a vague umbrella organisation for a loose knit group of friends of friends who all made music. things have developed over time.

Q: so what the chuff do you do now then?
A: a few things. put on shows. release records/tapes/etc. a one day music festival called doubledotbash. a little distro(econo marché) for zines and records and bits we like. we used to produce zines. print t-shirts. sixsongsunday. might like to do those things again.

Q: can my tech-metal band play one of your shows?
A: depends. we put stuff on that we like. we like a lot of different stuff. the best way to find out is to come to a few of our other shows. you'll soon get the vibe. feel free to email us, but the truth of the matter is that we probably won't put on your tech-metal band.

Q: what does "an econo band night" mean?
A: we like a punk rock band called the minutemen. they jammed econo. we jam econo.

Q: are you DIY?
A: depends what you mean. we like to be as involved as possible - this means we have control of our own outcomes, learn more, and it is more fun.

Q: are you non-profit?
A: depends what you mean. profits are rare and small. any money made goes towards things like travel costs for bands, food for bands, paper... and if there is any money left over, we put it in a pile for when you can't be bothered to come and watch some bands.

Q: who are you?
A: there are a few of us - currently. mark, liam, jamie, and sam do the shows. liam does most of the drawing. mark does most of the label stuff. jamie does the good writing. mark does the boring writing. others do other writing. mark and jamie do facebook. mark and sam reply to most of the emails. we all send emails. liam and sam drive the cars. sam and jamie play in workin' man noise unit. liam plays in pet cat, personnel, and other bands. jim made the website. stefan loves sixsongsunday. a gaggle of other characters post on the internet forum and are generally supportive and get involved when they can. will used to help out with the shows and now is a family man. you keep it real.

Q: can i get involved?
A: if you want. there is no money in it - and sometimes there isnt a lot to do. come to the shows and lets make friends.

Q: you have mention sixsongsunday twice now. what the heck is that?
A: a musical intensity event. there is a facebook page that explains it better.

Q: can you supply me music for my film / print my t-shirts / design my flyer / stock my zine / sponsor my silence?
A: yes we can. get in touch and we shall see what can happen.

Q: what does the name mean?
A: not a lot.

thanks to john, sally, and all the staff at south street arts centre.
thanks to amida, formerly of the kings tavern.
chris and nige at silver street studios.