MICHAEL CHAPMAN  (carlisle, uk)
the guitar and voice of MICHAEL CHAPMAN first became known on the british folk circuit in 1967. playing a blend of atmospheric and autobiographical material, he established a reputation for intensity and innovation. signed to EMIís HARVEST label he recorded a quartet of classic albums. LPs like 'rainmaker' and 'wrecked again' defined the melancholic observer role MICHAEL was to make his own, mixing intricate guitar instrumentals with a full band sound.

the late 1990ís onwards represented a period of continued rebirth for CHAPMAN. he embraced the 'elder statesman' role and enjoyed critical acclaim for albums like 'navigation' and 'still making rain' (a wry pun title that looked back to his debut album). with the 1997 release of 'dreaming out loud', CHAPMAN was releasing albums at the rate of one every two years, while attracting high praise from the likes of THURSTON MOORE and SUPERGRASS.