DRUM EYES  (brighton, uk)
brightonís drum eyes are surely one of the most intense bands to break out in the last couple of years.

lead by experimental, gabba hero dj scotch egg with a band of brothers (and sister) the line up includes ex-boredoms drummer, e-da, and members of i'm being good and sloath amongst others.

debut album "gira gira" (upset the rhythm) received unrelenting critical acclaim upon its release in wugust of 2010. described by nme as: an epic record with endless possibility, it greedily mashes sludgy doom riffs with spaced-out psychedelia, smatterings of krautrock, and goblin-esque synths.

the onslaught of live shows has become notorious in itself, with festival appearances completely packed out at end of the road and supersonic. this is not a record to listen to on your ipod, but a whirling dervish of an experience which will blast you out of the stratosphere into a whole other dimension. not to be missed!