an econo band night #43

where: south street arts centre,reading, uk.
when: Saturday, July 12, 2014 20:00 - 23:00
admission: 4
the harry macintosh project were due to play, but had to pull out. replaced by ARSENIO!
PLANE CRASHER (herefordshire, uk)
PLANE CRASHER have been described as noise rock, stoner rock, hardcore, driving speed metal, heavy punk, earth shattering chaos, garage rock, dirty ass garage punk rock, rock'n'roll, righteous, loud, intense, brutal, fearsome, mighty, and BBC-friendly.

SURPLUS (reading, uk)
blistering and adventurous punk rock from the shire. local dreamboats. formerly known as square glasses. blog

ARSENIO (reading, uk)
ARSENIO are an unassuming guitar and drum duo from the burbs of reading who play a form of glistening high powered sportsmusic. chug and squall and syncho rumble. math rock scribbled on a napkin, more than the sum of its parts, an equation that does not equate. sprawling and restless riff monster compojams that hide their tracts of melody like an ogre hides his heart. that lodge their spawn nestled in your ears and leave them to hatch and grow up in your brain. enjoy.