doubledotdash!? presents...

where: south street arts centre, reading, uk.
when: Sunday, August 23, 2009 19:30 - 23:00
admission: £8
JEFFREY LEWIS & THE JUNKYARD (new york city, usa)
jeffrey lewis was raised in new york city and is a maker of comic books, tragi-comic folk narratives, and lysergic garage rock. with brother jack on bass and david beauchamp on drums, the jeffrey lewis band mixes 60s acoustic psychedelia like pearls before swine with the experimental art-punk of the fall and the urban lyricism of lou reed, sounding a bit like if woody guthrie fronted sonic youth. live shows also incorporate "low budget videos", jeff’s large illustrations displayed to accompany certain songs.

jack lewis is an american musician, beat poet and artist. he was born and raised on the lower east side of manhattan. he is the younger brother of jeffrey lewis, whom he often performs and records with.

the fishermen three is a side project of simon beins of the wowz. the fisherman three features a unique brand of folk punk that is neurotic, off–the-cuff and manages to clear away the gloom.

HANK HAINT (kent, uk)
he lives in a shack and makes music. hank haint is a home-taping one man band from the south of england, mixing garage rock with blues music and plays it LOUD.

HUNTING THE SHY (reading, uk)
HUNTING THE SHY are what happens when the grunge kids grow up. raised on a steady diet of nothing but the jesus lizard, melvins, and (smog), these three misfits from reading are creating a sonic whirlwind unlike anything this town has heard before. their spaceage freak rock, kept in check by their trusty drum beast dwight, hits you equally in the heart and the face, and will also have you humming it's melodies under your breath for weeks. despite delighting audiences across reading with their rough around the edges live show, the band themselves remain unsatisfied as they are seeking perfection - perhaps the star's will be correctly aligned on a night near you soon...