an econo band night #14

where: south street arts centre, reading, uk.
when: Friday, February 12, 2010 19:30 - 23:00
admission: 4
BILGE PUMP (leeds, uk)
bilge pump have a disturbing ability to be better than any band they play with. imagine a boiling-over bastard concoction of all the best bits of the jesus lizard, led zeppelin, the fall, blue cheer, funkadelic and king crimson. a thick broth of art-punk fractured progressive noise, condensed into atonal pop songs free of power chords. nitro-fuelled avant-jazz rhythms create enough structural form amongst the twisted guitar and off-the-cuff witticisms to provide an uncanny ability to incite dancing! It doesn't matter how wired or weird bilge pump get; behind the progressive noise there are clear, distinctive, memorable songs: a rare and winning combination!

THE JELAS (bristol, uk)
the most awkward fantastic indie rock you will ever hear. songs weaving in and out of each other and into fantastic new directions.

TODDLERS (reading, uk)
spaceage garage skronk raggamuffin bass n drum duo. doubledotdash!? house band.

NICOTINE (reading, uk)
filthy scuzzy rock n roll.