south street & doubledotdash!? present...

where: south street arts centre, reading, uk.
when: Friday, July 30, 2010 20:00 - 23:00
admission: 7
FLOWER CORSANO DUO (leeds, uk / usa)
this is an acutely musical collaboration between kinetic diy drummer chris corsano and mick flower (vibracathedral orchestra, mv & ee) on shahi baaja (Japanese banjo). a two-piece that have an ultra-sensitive and special chemistry, producing a music that really is a trip into a ZONE. they have that power to elevate through rhythm and primal harmonics but are also able to harness delicate moments, eastern harmonics, a widescreen expansiveness and a thrilling sense of noise and melody. a mystical rocking jazz journey like no other.

TODDLERS (reading, uk)
spaceage garage skronk raggamuffin bass n drum duo. doubledotdash!? house band.

I AM HOMOSAPIEN (reading, uk)
A blast from the past and a very warm welcome back to Matt Wells (formerly of To The Barricades and Val Killmer amongst many other projects).

Matt's I Am Homosapien played for us many times and in many different forms (guitar drone loops, electronic ambience, throat singing) before travelling and teaching throughout Asia; collecting a number of field recordings. Since his return he has been working on new material.
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