editions of you & doubledotdash!? present...

where: o3 gallery, oxford castle, oxford, uk
when: Thursday, April 14, 2011 18:00 - 21:00
admission: 3
toddlers were going to play this, but had to pull out due to potential noise issues. house of john player filled in with a special acoustic set.
HOUSE OF JOHN PLAYER (bletchley, uk)
house of john player is the solo YO! wave project from dean spacer. As the years have passed, house of john player has shifted through different styles and set ups from wierd folky-pop sets, noisy disgruntled keyboards to loopy pop-tastic jams with slices of face-cringing high ends.

WILD SWIMMERS (reading, uk)
super smashing boy boy indie rock duo comprised of local legends mark knight and ben hall - both formally of local post-rock band the big sleep. wild swimmers play stripped back noisy indie rock, that can go from quiet to loud in a blink of an eye. official website

I AM HOMOSAPIEN (reading, uk)
A blast from the past and a very warm welcome back to Matt Wells (formerly of To The Barricades and Val Killmer amongst many other projects).

Matt's I Am Homosapien played for us many times and in many different forms (guitar drone loops, electronic ambience, throat singing) before travelling and teaching throughout Asia; collecting a number of field recordings. Since his return he has been working on new material.
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