workshop # 1 - TRIOCHORD

where: RISC, reading, uk.
when: Wednesday, October 17, 2012 19:00 - 23:00
admission: 55

instrument building workshop with YURI LANDMAN. we will be making the TRIOCHORD. this is a three string electric monochord combined with a more sophisticated version of the diddley bow.

it is played as a tabletop instrument and incorporates a microtonal scale able to produce notes outside of the normal range of the guitar. when the three strings are tuned in unison it generates a beautiful natural chorus effect. it can also be played with a slide in the manner of a slide guitar or lapsteel.

it will cost you 55, and obviously you get to take your instrument home with you after the workshop. you can pay upfront, or if you live a complex life you can pay in TWO instalments. ALL payments should be made via the PAYPAL button below. places are very limited.

if you have any questions please email doubledotdash[AT]gmail{DOT]com.

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YURI LANDMAN (veenendaal, netherlands)
yuri landman (1973) is an experimental instrument builder and musician. after a career as a comic book artist as well as a musician in the bands ZOPPO and AVEC-A, yuri landman began designing experimental musical instruments. based on prepared guitar techniques, he built his first instrument in 2001 to solve the inaccuracy of instant preparations.

in 2006 he got in contact with LIARS. developed over six years of prototyping, he fully realised the moodswinger for them with commissions from numerous other musicians to follow. yuri has custom built derivatives for such musical luminaries as SONIC YOUTH, HALF JAPANESE, LOU BARLOW, DEUS, HEALTH, MELT BANANA, MICACHU & THE SHAPES, ACTION BEAT, RHYS CHATHAM, and MANY others.

around 2008 he started giving lectures and presentations with his instruments, leading to a request in 2009 for a practical building workshop. this became the rise of the HOME SWINGER project. a gesamtkunstwerk consisting of a DIY-workshop where people build their own electric instrument and often followed by an afternoon rehearsal on the second day and a 40 minute ensemble performance with multiple HOME SWINGERS, drums, basses, and guitars in the tradition of the RHYS CHATHAM and GLENN BRANCA compositions.

soon after the rise of the HOME SWINGER project, other building workshops followed. events have taken place in AU, BE, DE, FR, UK, IR, NL, SV and US.

the MOODSWINGER as well as the HOME SWINGER are included in the permanent collection of the musical instrument museum in phoenix, arizona.

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