no dancing #2

where: milk, reading, uk.
when: Friday, November 16, 2012 19:00 - 23:59
admission: free
his is simply an evening of champs form around and about playing some records for some people to listen to. come on down, have some beers and/or rums, hang out. it's the freakin weekend baby, come have you some fun.

we will play jazz, punk rock, sloppy house party bangers (circa 1976 - 2005), and everything in between.
your selector’s will be, in alphabetical order (let real names be the truth):

this guy is a doubledotdash!? co-founder, and is responsible for the majority of our flyer/poster artwork amongst many other tasks. our early releases were dominated by liam's work under various alias' taking in fab instrumental hiphop, scrappy lofi pop songs, and squelchy acid stompers. currently drummer with TODDLERS, PET CAT, and previously TILEHURST CHILDRENS ARKESTRA.

reading's one man punk whirlwind. converting his seemingly endless energy into a long list of ace bands including THE SCEPTRES, THE SHITTY LIMITS, NO, THE LOVE TRIANGLE, and GOOD THROB amongst many others. also, he is one third of the dream team behind PSYCHOTIC REACTIONS - the punk disco, which were some of the best fun.

doubledotdash!? co-founder, administrator, chunky hunk, etc...

also known as d.j.? me? and as part of the DJ team NOT ENOUGH, who have been dropping science around some bands at the abbott cook recently. thankfully, one of the few members of staff at south street to happily tolerate our nonsense. bass wielder in AMY’S GHOST. our number one customer.)

the brains and hands behind the DARKLANDS dj night that specialises in alt and indie sounds from before it all went pony. currently homed at the cornstores.