an econo band night #38

where: south street arts centre, reading, uk.
when: Thursday, June 20, 2013 20:00 - 23:00
admission: £4
patchy drizzle is the current moniker for the guitar noise and anthemic musings of Z., axe handler and yowler in such notable groups as KNYFE HYTS, EX MODELS, and THE SECONDS. soundcloud page

an energetic, distorted mess of riffs and howled vocals. break out the cold ones.


PET CAT (reading, uk)
formed from the remnants of, possibly, our favourite ever reading band HUNTING THE SHY, PET CAT started life as a solo output for aliís fragile song-writing. with the addition of former stalker-of-the-meek will on bass and liam on drums (both of ddd!? house band and readingís "most lethal rhythm section", TODDLERS) PET CAT became a formidable live unit and released the classic 'wires' cassette back in 2012; a spell-binding mix of reverb drenched dream-pop-heaviosity and delicate song craft.

will was replaced by phil whose adroit playing not only complements the existing songs but fleshes out new material that continues to highlight the individual voice and talents of this skilful trio.

FRUSTROS (lyon, france)
raw, rudimentary, weird and awesomely catchy punk from this french troupe. webpage

GOOD THROB (reading / london, uk)
three broads and a chode playing moron punk. stroppy, awkward, absurd, and totally wizard. tumblr page