an econo band night #42

where: south street arts centre,reading, uk.
when: Saturday, May 10, 2014 20:00 - 23:00
admission: £4
GLOSS REJECTION (london, uk)
This gloomy three piece formed with a combined love of all things Dead Moon to remind you that there is still a fire in the Western World. Try and imagine a place and time where Crime and the City Solution go round for bread and water at Greg Sage's House and invite Toody Cole, Lydia Lunch, Karen Dalton, Kat Bjelland, the Deal Sisters, Sylvia Plath and the Neo Boys. On this occasion, a young and impressionable Chan Marshall might also make a late appearance with Steve Shelley if the weather holds out. Sounds like a riot, but it will probably all end in tears.

PET CAT (reading, uk)
formed from the remnants of, possibly, our favourite ever reading band HUNTING THE SHY, PET CAT started life as a solo output for ali’s fragile song-writing. with the addition of former stalker-of-the-meek will on bass and liam on drums (both of ddd!? house band and reading’s "most lethal rhythm section", TODDLERS) PET CAT became a formidable live unit and released the classic 'wires' cassette back in 2012; a spell-binding mix of reverb drenched dream-pop-heaviosity and delicate song craft.

will was replaced by phil whose adroit playing not only complements the existing songs but fleshes out new material that continues to highlight the individual voice and talents of this skilful trio.

HORSE ROCK (reading, uk)
berkshire's premier surf-rock band. (also probably berkshire's only surf-rock band.) and definitely the only band who have ever been described as "the shadows as if played by children brought up on motörhead."