where: south street arts centre & RISC, reading, uk.
when: Saturday, July 2, 2011 13:00 - 23:59
admission: £13 in advance, £17.50 on the door.
DARREN HAYMAN (london, uk)
darren russell hayman is an english singer-songwriter and guitarist. he is best known as the lead singer and guitarist in hefner. since they disbanded in 2002, hayman has embarked on a solo career and has released five albums.

MINOTAUR SHOCK (bristol, uk)
minotaur shock is the nom de plume of david edwards, a bristol-based electronica musician. his critically lauded 2005 album maritime was his first album released through 4ad records, having previously released work via manchester based melodic.

he also plays drums in bronze age fox a band from the hanham area of bristol.

ALEX WARD / WEASEL WALTER DUO (london, uk / new york city, usa)
alex Ward is a london based musician who specialises in clarinet, guitar and voice. working variously in improvisation, composed material (mostly his own, but sometimes other people's), songs, and various combinations of the above.

weasel walter is a composer and instrumentalist who founded the band the flying luttenbachers in chicago in 1991. over the years the flying luttenbachers created an uncompromising and mercurial body of abstract music drawing equally from no wave, death metal, free jazz, gamelan, noise music, hardcore punk and modern classical. amongst other things, walter is the current drummer for experimental metal band behold...the arctopus.
weasel walter website

ROZI PLAIN (bristol, uk)
rozi grew up in winchester and then she moved to bristol. she released her debut album inside over here on fence records and is recording a second one as we speak. literally as we speak. lets keep speaking until she finishes it...

on their deep and dark missions into rhythm and sound, through the use of drums, percussion and raw electronics, rocketnumbernine invite you to join them into the lesser explored musical territories. brothers ben and tom page have worked together musically for the last 8 years. through their
richly varied musical experiences, the brothers conjure intense musical landscapes, with purely improvised sets allowing the music to follow its own course.

HIND EAR (brighton, uk)
hind ear create a multi-armed, multi-voiced wall of rhythm and melody. employing loops and layers of guitar, voices, drums, synths and samples, their sound cuts across multiple scales, from headphones to dancefloor.

DIRECTORSOUND (bournemouth, uk)
born in 1979 in bournemouth, dorset. started directorsound in 1998 while studying in colchester. moved to london for a while before settling back to dorset by 2002 and been there since. now residing in sunny bournemouth. released
debut "redemptive strikes" 2003 on geographic and felicity in japan. then collected the earlier recordings for "tales from the tightrope vol.1" released by dorset paeans, then powershovel audio in Japan. the new directorsound album "two years today" was released by tona serenad in 2010.

JUFFAGE (leeds, uk)
juffage is jeff t. smith, a solo sound artist and multi-instrumentalist from leeds, via chicago, illinois. he is often seen in bars, art galleries, and basements with a band's worth of instruments.

HANNAH PEEL (london, uk)
hannah is a musician, composer and musical director who trained at liverpool institute for performing arts. she loves exploring found instruments like rusty pianos and violins and is particularly found of music boxes which she samples and loops into her music.

SHIELD YOUR EYES (london, uk)

shield your eyes negotiate the under-explored pathways
laid by british progressive blues bands of the 1960s and 70s in a manner that keeps noise-rock loving hipsters grinning like mentalists.

JILK (bristol, uk)
domestic folk-tronic ambience... with balls. bristol based, but midland born jilk fuses a bewildering collage of home-found sounds with the ambient sounds capes of washy synths, insect-like clicks & cuts, and basslines to get any heads bobbing.

SLEEPS IN OYSTERS (london, uk)
they sleep in oysters. they are a girl and a boy from paisley and reading. this music is an electronic vernacular in popular song form – it is their imagination and honesty. they record at home and play live in other places, making the sounds with computers, voices, toys, glockenspiel, banjo, accordion, ukulele, old keyboards and other electronic machines.

MAX DANZ (reading, uk)
max danz is one part hunting the shy, and the whole of silvery magnus. sounds like grandaddy backed up by some meaty beats and electronic squelches.

* max danz photograph is currently unavailable.

HRMAG are a fantastically deranged jazz noise band. the family from "texas chainsaw massacre" all hooked on miles davis...

GONZO & THE RAZZ (reading, uk)
dan caney, reading's answer to brian wilson, and his faithful sonic apostles dave boyt, ryan o'donoghue, paul hunter and ben dugard.

AMY'S GHOST (reading, uk)
amy's ghost are a band from Reading fronted by singer/songwriter amy barton. risen from the ashes of her former band ‘wire jesus’ and allowed to run wild, she defines herself even more in style, more dramatic and fiery than before. their emotionally charged and highly visual live shows leave you open mouthed and sensually violated.

BLACK MAMBA BEAT (london, uk)
london meets south africa party punk trio. if you dig minutemen, meat puppets, and all that good shizz then you'll dig this lot. a lot.

DOLLY DOLLY (reading, uk)
dolly dolly has been described by jonny mugwump of resonance fm as 'the aural equivalent of tony hancock and jackanory presented by edward gorey' and by the poet af harrold as a 'mysterious musical monolith of infinite variety, versatility and vision'.

GOOD THROB (reading / london, uk)
three broads and a chode playing moron punk. stroppy, awkward, absurd, and totally wizard. tumblr page

HOOKWORMS (leeds, uk)
dense wooden shjips-esque grooves play repetitious host to
echo drenched spiritual wailing and astral synth drone.

I AM HOMOSAPIEN (reading, uk)
A blast from the past and a very warm welcome back to Matt Wells (formerly of To The Barricades and Val Killmer amongst many other projects).

Matt's I Am Homosapien played for us many times and in many different forms (guitar drone loops, electronic ambience, throat singing) before travelling and teaching throughout Asia; collecting a number of field recordings. Since his return he has been working on new material.
soundcloud page

ISLET (cardiff, uk)
islet are liquid, rotating between instruments, singing, howling. drum-duo breakdowns, splashes of guitar, searing organs. crossing the danceable electro-wash of gang gang dance and the careful racket of no-wave, the dulcet harmonies of os mutantes and the rhythmic noisiness of can. playing music for the joy of the moment.

JOE MARSHALL (oxford, uk)
JOE has been traversing higher plains of sound for over a decade now, slowly perfecting his craft over that period he navigates between the skyward trajectories of bowed guitar and the cosmic bound explorations of droned synths and other-worldly sampled loops. it is difficult not to experience his music as a journey to a place both familiar yet refreshingly ‘other’.

“…a delightfully unsignposted and roadless musical landscape…essential to all you inner space cadets…” – JULIAN COPE
soundcloud page

a stonkin' experimental guitar & drum duo. crazy riffs, bangin' drums and some serious skills.

MUSIC FOR ZOMBIES (reading, uk)
inspired by the sounds found in the real world, in the pretend and in the mind, music for zombies lays the brain bare, examines its recesses and then tucks in...

ONE MAN TEAM DANCE (high wycombe, uk)
high wycombe based casio and drums 2 piece delivering the gospel of comedy deity armando iannucci through their dual sonic carpark.

martin phone, john q microwave, and david f sandwich form a pulsing living electronic threesome performing works better associated with ebbs & flows, fields of barley, and glass cello. it sounds like aliens landing on Earth and having sex.
POINO (london, uk)
south london trio poino first knocked notes in 2006. since then they have
continued to reveal their musical abstractions in venues across the
european landscape. a term of subterranean recording in the early months
of 2010 has borne fruit to their self-realised debut album 'Moan Loose'.
combining erudite proficiency with flailing ignorance they offer up a
melee of caustic ambiguity from within the deepest hollows of a
disenchanted consciousness. whatever the hell that means.

QUIET QUIET BAND (reading, uk)
now firmly settled on the local music scene. it does not matter who or what previous bands they have been in. they deal in very sassy and clever uk country/folk. somewhere in the same ball park as sparklehorse, lambchop, modest mouse and low.

SLY & THE FAMILY DRONE (basingstoke, uk)
using only drums and processed cassettes, and incorporating many elements of avant-garde music and sound art in their realisation, sly & the family drone are a primal orchestra of drum rhythms, radiophonic oscillator noise and electronically-abstracted vocals. they forge hypnotic, textural workouts in the vein of black dice, shit & shine and crash worship.

STUART CLARK (reading, uk)
ex om corporation man strikes out on his own with some beautiful delicate folk inspired music.

tilehurst childrens arkestra let the music do the talking. formed by five alumni of denefield School in tilehurst after jamming together for a number of years, the arkestra have been gigging some of reading's more illustrious venues (south street, the rising sun arts centre, global cafe, etc) since 2007 as well as throwing in the odd jaunt to london, hamburg, and bracknell for good measure. their powerful sound is as equally informed by teenage obsessions with metal, indie rock, and rap music as it is by their more mature tastes in krautrock, jazz, and progressive rock - a heady mixture that the band strip down to it's brass tacks, producing short, sharp, precise bursts of songs without the endless "faffing about" connected with many of these genres.

WILD SWIMMERS (reading, uk)
super smashing boy boy indie rock duo comprised of local legends mark knight and ben hall - both formally of local post-rock band the big sleep. wild swimmers play stripped back noisy indie rock, that can go from quiet to loud in a blink of an eye. official website

an energetic, distorted mess of riffs and howled vocals. break out the cold ones.