where: south street arts centre, reading, uk.
when: Friday, September 11, 2015 18:30 - Saturday, September 12, 2015 23:59
admission: £17adv weekend. £10adv - friday. £12.50adv - saturday.
MICHAEL CHAPMAN (carlisle, uk)
the guitar and voice of MICHAEL CHAPMAN first became known on the british folk circuit in 1967. playing a blend of atmospheric and autobiographical material, he established a reputation for intensity and innovation. signed to EMI’s HARVEST label he recorded a quartet of classic albums. LPs like 'rainmaker' and 'wrecked again' defined the melancholic observer role MICHAEL was to make his own, mixing intricate guitar instrumentals with a full band sound.

the late 1990’s onwards represented a period of continued rebirth for CHAPMAN. he embraced the 'elder statesman' role and enjoyed critical acclaim for albums like 'navigation' and 'still making rain' (a wry pun title that looked back to his debut album). with the 1997 release of 'dreaming out loud', CHAPMAN was releasing albums at the rate of one every two years, while attracting high praise from the likes of THURSTON MOORE and SUPERGRASS.

GWENNO (cardiff, wales)
from 2005-2010 GWENNO was a writer and performer as a member of brighton-based conceptual pop band THE PIPETTES and more recently, has completed a successful stint to promote 'y dydd olaf' supporting GRUFF RHYS on his 'american interior' tour around the UK. she is a native welsh and cornish speaker and it’s this along with co-producing and co-hosting welsh language show 'cam o’r tywyllwch (a step away from the darkness) with PESKI for radio cardiff and more recently, resonance fm, that has led her to create music that translates her internationalist influences into layered, home-fi keyboard sounds wrapped in echoed vocals and musique concrète-inspired beats.

COWTOWN (leeds, uk)
COWTOWN began life as a exuberant grungy noise duo before evolving (over time) into the budget/econo/weirdo pop three piece they are today. inspired as much by 70′s/80′s punk, post-punk and new wave as they are by 90’s slacker rock variants and 80’s power ballads, the band's sound is a bizarre yet strangely familiar concoction performed with unrivalled energy and enthusiasm.

BASS CLEF (london, uk)
BASS CLEF is the primary handle for the marauding musical runnings of ralph cumbers, the producer, trombone player, DJ and modular synth manipulator (as SOME TRUTHS) whom, whilst calling hackney his current home, has long since broken through the earthly atmosphere with his itinerant, style-and-pattern approach to electronic music.

PET CAT (reading, uk)
formed from the remnants of, possibly, our favourite ever reading band HUNTING THE SHY, PET CAT started life as a solo output for ali’s fragile song-writing. with the addition of former stalker-of-the-meek will on bass and liam on drums (both of ddd!? house band and reading’s "most lethal rhythm section", TODDLERS) PET CAT became a formidable live unit and released the classic 'wires' cassette back in 2012; a spell-binding mix of reverb drenched dream-pop-heaviosity and delicate song craft.

will was replaced by phil whose adroit playing not only complements the existing songs but fleshes out new material that continues to highlight the individual voice and talents of this skilful trio.

GUM TAKES TOOTH (london, uk)
two man everything machine endlessly seeking what-the-fuck aural mesmerism in a maze like arrangement of physically overwhelming rituals of dance music, sound system culture, doom and pan-cultural psychedelics. each member focusing intently on unmediated rhythmic interaction between crowd and performer, directing the energy towards unexplored altered states. dark primal frequencies are felt and not heard, unremitting circular drums shatter and rebirth whilst a cast of vocal characters provide an astral guide through these dizzying manipulations.

QUINTA (london, uk)
QUINTA is a multi-instrumentalist and composer, who has worked with the likes of BAT FOR LASHES, RADIOHEAD'S PHILIP SELWAY, PENGUIN CAFE, PATRICK WOLF and THE PAPER CINEMA. her first record, "my sister, boudicca" used strings, musical saw, harmonium, piano, found sounds & samples. QUINTA meets free play and experimentation with musical substance in her work, and brings a mischievous theatricality to her performances.

LAURA MOODY (london, uk)
LAURA MOODY is an alternative cellist, avant-singer-songwriter and a founding member of internationally renowned ELYSIAN QUARTET. fascinated with words, sounds, noises and textures, she eschews laptops and loop pedals to explore what is possible using only solo cello and voice. she creates a unique space between the contemporary avant garde, classical music, experimental pop and singer-songwriter tradition.

PLINTH (lewes, uk)
sussex-based michael tanner has released a jaw-dropping quantity of sonic projects under his own name and in various guises that include PLINTH, THE CLOISTERS, THALASSING, TASKERLANDS AND CAT LADY, THE A. LORDS & UNITED BIBLE STUDIES.

michael's predilection for abstracted english folk-soundscapes, dreamlike mellotron woodwinds, plangent string drones, lambent field recordings and eerie victorian dulcimers has inexorably evolved into a distinctive musical vocabulary.

TAMAN SHUD (london, uk)
blackened psychedelic motorcycle punk

RATTLE (nottingham, uk)
RATTLE exhibit a truly original and exhilarating live experience of voice and drum. comprised of theresa j wrigley and katharine eira brown (of FISTS and KOGUMAZA respectively), they play hypnotic, minimalist rhythms accompanied by vocal melodies reminiscent of the more experimental aspects of post-punk, remaining unique without being banal. this will be one not to miss.

HENRY BLACKER (somerset levels, uk)
from two of the brains that reside in HEY COLOSSUS, HENRY BLACKER distils the HC sound down to it's core - a ferocious rock n roll boogie. RIFFS!

"this rules. shouty aggro punk, rad male/female guitar interplay, exuberant and savage sounds from the UK with an urgent attack. this is gonna be your new soundtrack." MAXIMUMROCKNROLL

ANOTHER NEVILLE (bristol, uk)
featuring members of SOEZA and THE JELAS amongst many others. ANOTHER NEVILLE give us the synth led indie dance party that we have always dreamed of!

RUTGER HAUSER (london, uk)

collective improvisation and chance techniques are employed to flesh out pre-determined compositional structures.


JOE MARSHALL (oxford, uk)
JOE has been traversing higher plains of sound for over a decade now, slowly perfecting his craft over that period he navigates between the skyward trajectories of bowed guitar and the cosmic bound explorations of droned synths and other-worldly sampled loops. it is difficult not to experience his music as a journey to a place both familiar yet refreshingly ‘other’.

“…a delightfully unsignposted and roadless musical landscape…essential to all you inner space cadets…” – JULIAN COPE
soundcloud page

NYA SHELLEY (reading, uk)
twisty and tangled alternative folk duo.

SPACE CHURCH (camberley, uk)
SPACE CHURCH are just in time for the 90's 'grunge' revival so all you hipster types dressed like T4 presenters in your skinny jeans and piano ties should jump on the band wagon now!

ORDER OF THE HOOF (south england)
maxxed out guitar improv quartet. SOUNDCLOUD PAGE

GIFT OF BLINDNESS (reading, uk)
GIFT OF BLINDNESS is a project of umair chaudhry and simon tierney (ex members of oxford based band XMAS LIGHTS) incorporating elements of doom & shoegaze.

GIRL POWER (oxford, uk)
hailing from oxford and channelling the spirit that made the city such an exciting scene a few years back these three righteous punks thrash out a heady set of hardcore and noise rock that will hopefully strike the match that sets the place ablaze again.

TYPICAL HUNKS (reading, uk)
these adonis’ came out of nowhere with their maelstrom of punk squall and vitriol. we essentially forced them to play a show for us and they rose to the occasion with a brilliant short set of straight up bangers. reminiscent of the abrasive guitar and rolling bass anyone familiar with the midwest scene will recognise but with a quintessentially english bent.

GLASSED (reading, uk)
a brand new sound from familiar faces previously involved with local heavy hitters COLEY PARK and SLOW RIVER SLOW. embracing the retrofuture with synth sounds, and CAN-ish vibes.
a lot of noise, and a lot of hair. ALL POWER TO KEN. soundcloud page

UBIK (reading, uk)
UBIK is the sound of paintbrushes, chisels and creeping bedroom heartbreaks. redecorate to an alien world. drones are demolition, basslines and beats blueprints for buildings. ddd!? OG from BOREDOMS IN THE BATHROOM.


WILD ISLAND (oxford, uk)
idiosyncratic guitar picking and freewheeling drums. eloquent instrumentals and nonplussed songs. minimalist and ambient approach. some kind of bastard outsider folk. blogspot

VIIOFIX (welwyn garden city, uk)
layer upon layer of unsettling drones made to stave off the crushing boredom of living in a garden city. fueled by nights spent listening to sunn 0))) and godspeed records whilst watching endless episodes of star trek and the x-files.