where: South Street Arts Centre,Reading
when: Saturday, May 21, 2016 14:30 - Sunday, May 22, 2016 01:00
admission: £15 adv
HEY COLOSSUS (somerset / london / watford, uk)
HEY COLOSSUS are indeed colossal in their age and scope of sound; ranging from doom to feral noise rock to dark psychedelia and even blasted-out MILES DAVIS over their 11 years of recorded output. their recent ‘in black and gold’ on the celebrated ROCKET RECORDINGS label has garnered considerable, and well-deserved, praise from a broad selection of those most untrustworthy of taste-makers: the press.

still, we can attest to the shamanic quality being proffered and challenge you not to submit your soul to the titanic battering your inner psyche will be subjected to courtesy of their three guitar attack (maiden this isnae!).

SHIT AND SHINE (austin, usa)
SHIT AND SHINE is an ever changing line-up, sometimes with numerous drummers, made up of various collaborators from the uk and texas, revolving around the musical brainchild of craig clouse.

having already gained a cult following due to their legendary one riff / multi-drummer live shows, and following two sold out releases on RIOT SEASON and LATITUDES, his productions started to resonate with the industrial and noise revival sounds from the likes of POWELL and RUSSELL HASWELL in 2012 and beyond.

SPECTRES (bristol, uk)
since escaping the confines of a small seaside town and burrowing themselves into the uk's diy scene, SPECTRES have swelled into an uncompromising beast. harnessing the negative reactions from baffled crowds, and finding influences in the more depraved bowels of guitar music as well as harsh electronic experimentalism, the band have managed to crossover into territories where noise music is usually never mentioned.

2015 saw the release of their critically acclaimed debut album 'dying', the reaction of which lead them to spew their noise all over europe and back again, whilst finding the time to record an alternative james bond theme, as well as preparing 'DEAD' the newly announced record which is a total reworking of their debut, with contributions from MOGWAI, FACTORY FLOOR, LOOP, HOOKWORMS, RICHARD FEARLESS and many more.

CHANTAL ACDA (antwerp, belgium)
currently based in belgium, dutch-born CHANTAL ACDA has worked under the SLEEPINGDOG moniker since 2006, making three acclaimed albums that closed on the 'with our heads in the clouds and our hearts in the fields’ album for which she collaborated with adam wiltzie (STARS OF THE LID), and touring extensively both in europe and north america.

now performing under her own name chantal has recorded two albums that feature collaborations with the likes of NILS FRAHM, PETER BRODERICK, and SHAHZAD ISMALLY. as you might imagine, these records are filled with calming introspective songs, backed up with graceful and inventive instrumentation.

an energetic, distorted mess of riffs and howled vocals. break out the cold ones.


THE WHARVES (london, uk)
THE WHARVES combine gracefully minimal psyche-rock with fuzzed out folk. they invoke the reverberated spook of 60s girl groups, the mid-fi guitar crunch of kim deal's THE AMPS, the vocal flavours of THE ROCHES and the narrative and structural panache of 70s progressive folk. marion andrau's thunderous drumming drives through these compositions, ensuring the wealth of disparate influences remain focused and celebratory.

THE TWELVE HOUR FOUNDATION is an electronic/musique concrete/conceptual pop group based in bristol, comprising polly hulse (analogue synth/rhythms) and jez butler (analogue synth/concrete sequences).

the group formed following requests for performances of jez's album 'the lighter side of concrete', and the name - initially attributed by polly to a side project - became permanent.

their sound draws on electronic/library/educational tv music, especially the work of JOHN BAKER and PADDY KINGSLAND (bbc radiophonic workshop) and RAYMOND SCOTT.

THE LEAF LIBRARY (london, uk)
THE LEAF LIBRARY are guitarist matt ashton (formerly of PEEL favourites SALOON), singer kate gibson, bass player gareth jones and drummer / synth wizard lewis young. live they are joined by guitarist simon nelson, also of the band COSINES. they make multi-layered, two chord drone pop, channeling the warm fuzz of YO LA TENGO, the spacious repetition of TALK TALK, and MOVIETONE's seaside melancholy to beautiful effect.

MONSTER MOVIE (reading, uk)
detuned, middle aged, noise pop mavericks from reading. playing songs from their fifth album, 'keep the voices distant', out on graveface records.

GREY HAIRS (nottingham, uk)
sometimes a pissed-up midweek drinking club at the nearest possible wetherspoons, sometimes a sweaty rock music band. sometimes both. one release featured a picture of a full english breakfast on the cover and the next a seven inch of HARRY NILSSON covers (except NILSSON looked a bit, uh, different, and was holding a can of red stripe on the front). Last year's debut LP was full of righteous tunes. the men and women of GREY HAIRS have been kicking around in various underground bands for donkeys - this will be one not to miss.

ILL (manchester, uk)
ILL are a diy punk/post-punk/evil pop music band from manchester. they have more energy than you do and they use it all up every time they play, moving from fluent, angry pop songs to ramshackle 'n' haphazard instrumental jams without a second thought. they sing about misogyny, mental health, happy pills, the rebel dyke movement in the 1980s, and whatever else they feel like singing about.

WOVEN SKULL (leitrim, ireland)
so you stumble into the barn in various states of ruination at the magnificent SUPERNORMAL festival to witness the trance-inducing music of WOVEN SKULL. it proved to be an honest-to-joe, holier-than-holy, mind healing experience.

their music is an exercise in restraint; the minimal repetitions of the mandola, guitar and percussion gradually building to induce a truly sublime dwam. head music of the highest order.

ORIGAMI HORSES (canterbury, uk)
formed in 2012 to give 3 friends something to do after work. their post-punk inspired alt rock has garnered support from the likes of jon "xfm" kennedy and steve "lammo" lamacq.

MOONBOW (london, uk)
MOONBOW is a trip-pop sound & multimedia created by eleanor hardwick featuring a rotating line-up of collaborators.

using a mixture of electronic hardware and organic sounds, the songs fuse trippy pop and transcendental soundtracks, drawing praise from the likes of i-d, rookiemag, wire, and the guardian.

HORSE ROCK (reading, uk)
berkshire's premier surf-rock band. (also probably berkshire's only surf-rock band.) and definitely the only band who have ever been described as "the shadows as if played by children brought up on motörhead."

OLD ERNIE (oxford, uk)
more heavy noise appearing from the cracks in the oxford underground. the only unsolicited email we have replied to in at least 12 months.

THE PAWNBROKER (reading, uk)
THE PAWNBROKER is pete brookes and ben sandiford.

minimal hymns for the common man.

original soundtracks for original films.

MARTIN PHONE (london, uk)
doubledotdash?! OG, frequent collaborator (sneaker pimps’ kelli alli, eva eden, fields of barley and more), relentless remixer, trance dreamer. soundcloud page