where: south street arts centre, reading, uk
when: Saturday, May 12, 2018 14:30 - 23:30
admission: £15 adv for members. £17 adv. £20 otd.
The 12th May sees the ninth edition of DOUBLEDOTBASH return to South Street Arts Centre. A collaboration between doubledotdash!?, Darklands, and South Street – “The Bash” wades through the UK’s musical undergrowth and picks a smattering of underappreciated live acts to delight Reading’s most open-minded music fans.
LOWER SLAUGHTER (brighton/glasgow, uk)
a four piece rock band from brighton and glasgow, who describe themselves modestly as a band who make loud riffs, though THE QUIETUS description of 'lurching noise-rock that occasionally works the angles but is chiefly a showpiece for big fuck-off riffs that call to mind pissed jeans, nirvana and harvey milk’ could be more accurate.

photo - jo higgs.

a ruthlessly creative approach to experimental pop music delivers eastern-influenced anthems, under spoken elements that attempt to challenge and address divisive rhetoric recently prevalent in society. saxophonist and spoken word artist alabaster’s show, described in THE GUARDIAN as “a reminder of how vital and adventurous music can be”, enjoys an emphasis on candid interaction, humility and warmth.

photo - jo higgs.

ORE (uk)
ORE is the drone, doom tuba sound of sam underwood, a shapeshifting entity with one-off live collaborations and experimentation commonplace. currently you can expect beck baker on baritone horn / trombone and thomas stone on contrabassoon, adding weight and beauty to the bass tones of underwood’s tuba.

BIG LAD (london, uk)
crushing electronics and drum duo, high octane party bangers to the max!

ILL (manchester, uk)
ILL are a diy punk/post-punk/evil pop music band from manchester. they have more energy than you do and they use it all up every time they play, moving from fluent, angry pop songs to ramshackle 'n' haphazard instrumental jams without a second thought. they sing about misogyny, mental health, happy pills, the rebel dyke movement in the 1980s, and whatever else they feel like singing about.

YEAH YOU (newcastle-upon-tyne, uk)
YEAH YOU is ELVIN BRANDHI and MYKL JAXN. the project grew from a desire to make something during every spare moment. using compact recording gear to turn the usual banal everyday family drives to into spontaneous recording sessions in the car. JAXN’s distorted, alluringly jarred synthesisation’s acting as a jagged platform for BRANDHI to writhe improvised stream of consciousness lyrical trips.

"a wicked onslaught of blunted beats, rudimentary synth contortions, and haphazard vocals as relentless as it is unpredictable as it is bloody wild" BOOMKAT

TYPICAL HUNKS (reading, uk)
these adonis’ came out of nowhere with their maelstrom of punk squall and vitriol. we essentially forced them to play a show for us and they rose to the occasion with a brilliant short set of straight up bangers. reminiscent of the abrasive guitar and rolling bass anyone familiar with the midwest scene will recognise but with a quintessentially english bent.

CODY NOON (reading, uk)
a stripped down two piece beat combo who play instrumental beardy check shirt atmospheric droning nonsense to varying degrees of proficiency.

melancholic 'mood' music for swaying in the gloaming.

T. HOUSE (brighton, uk)
plays solo. normally seen in the band SWEET WILLIAMS who are excellent, and formally seen in the band CHARLOTTEFIELD who were also excellent. this will be excellent.

martin phone, john q microwave, and david f sandwich form a pulsing living electronic threesome performing works better associated with ebbs & flows, fields of barley, and glass cello. it sounds like aliens landing on Earth and having sex.
YERBA MANSA (manchester/glasgow, uk)
edwin stevens and andrew cheetham are two of manchester's most prolific purveyors of raging, outer-limits rock-ism. both members of free-rock army DESMADRADOS SOLDADOS DE VENTURA as well as countless other projects, they take a similar blueprint for their head-to-head skyscraping duo, only with a singularity of heavy chord chug that aligns them with GOWN or even FLOWER/CORSANO DUO. truly mind blowing.

THE JELAS (bristol, uk)
the most awkward fantastic indie rock you will ever hear. songs weaving in and out of each other and into fantastic new directions.

klanging metallic textures, insistent overtones and grinding repetitions performed in sharp suits, at maximum volume.

SEDR77 (oxford, uk)
a ‘sludge synth’ band from the THAMES VALLEY. combining loops, noise and occasional beats they make an engaging and hypnotic racket. the pace varies from glacial to funereal. get your dancing shoes ready.

formed in 2014, GHOSTS IN THE PHOTOGRAPHS are a three-piece instrumental band located in and around oxford.

“thunder has been rumbling all afternoon and GHOSTS IN THE PHOTOGRAPHS are well suited to sound-tracking gathering storms” - NIGHTSHIFT

CITARUM (reading, uk)
atmospheric songcraft from a former member of SNOWMAN. SOUNDCLOUD

DOOPS (reading, uk)
new band in town pushing a kinda noisy fuzzy indie rock sound.