where: south street arts centre, reading, uk
when: Saturday, September 14, 2019 14:30 - 23:59
admission: £15 adv for members. £17 adv. £20 otd.
HOUSEWIVES (london, uk)
HOUSEWIVES are a genreless band from london who play experimental music that points to the future. using prepared guitars, electronics, percussion and saxophone they create an enveloping sound of syncopated rhythms and antithetical song structures. droning bass lines underpin ethereal samples, whilst precise guitar lines mix with minimal drum parts in ecstatic fashion.

ANCHORSONG (london, uk)
ANCHORSONG has become globally recognised for his unique live shows, which many people have described
as "like watching a painter drawing on a white canvas",as he creates electronic music completely live
using a sampler (MPC2500) and a keyboard, right in front of the audience.

ANCHORSONG released his third full LP 'Cohesion' on TRU THOUGHTS - it takes inspiration from '70s and
'80s Bollywood film soundtracks and traditional indian percussion, to create a psychedelic, danceable
and free-spirited listen that blurs the boundary between rhythm and melody.

PORRIDGE RADIO (brighton, uk)
PORRIDGE RADIO began as dana margolin's sadcore bedroom project in 2012. now a post-punk 4-piece, they
inelegantly knot together vicious, furious emotional outpour with beautifully melodic pop songs.

GWENIFER RAYMOND (brighton, uk)
GWENIFER RAYMOND is a welsh multi-instrumentalist based in brighton. oscillating between the moody and the manic she
plays original american primitive instrumentals, drawn from the roots music of mississippi and appalachia.

an energetic, distorted mess of riffs and howled vocals. break out the cold ones.


SLY & THE FAMILY DRONE (basingstoke, uk)
using only drums and processed cassettes, and incorporating many elements of avant-garde music and sound art in their realisation, sly & the family drone are a primal orchestra of drum rhythms, radiophonic oscillator noise and electronically-abstracted vocals. they forge hypnotic, textural workouts in the vein of black dice, shit & shine and crash worship.

HEAD DROP (reading, uk)
crunchy fuzz space punk featuring familiar faces from MONSTER MOVIE, CODY NOON, and TYPICAL HUNKS.

YEAR OF THE KITE (oxfordshire/ berkshire)
YEAR OF THE KITE compose their songs with traditional instruments such as piano, strings, guitars and clarinet - but
also have a keen interest in leaving room for sonic exploration with the addition of noise and non-traditional sounds.
"we aim to create sense of isolation and space in our songs," says keyboardist doug cresswell.
"but we also keep finding new sounds which we feel compelled to use to take the songs somewhere else".

BARRY (london, uk)
a consciousness raising queer beat combo. southwark's answer to THE B-52S!

BLÓM (newcastle-upon-tyne, uk)
three cute punx playing pua radge shit.

HAQ123 (birmingham, uk)
heavy metal power trio supercharged on haribo. they will rock your heads off!

KID KIN (oxford, uk)
inspired in equal measure by classic quiet/LOUD post-rock bands such as MOGWAI and GODSPEED YOU! BLACK
EMPEROR, as well as the electro ambient and techno of the likes of JOHN HOPKINS, FOUR TET and FUCK BUTTONS,
KID KIN explores the differences and commonalities in the musical structures of these sonic worlds.

audio dyspraxia. noise from the south coast since 2012. no thanks to the bigoted, the ignorant, the arrogant and the intolerant.

MIKE NEAVES (london)
You may have seen Mike blasting ears and shouting about Derby County in ultimate-party-band One Man Team Dance; or blasting ears in ultimate-morning-after-party-band Plurals; or blasting ears in ultimate-end-of-the-world-party-band Nitkowski; or blasting ears in ultimate-Trump-assassination-party-band Sly & The Family Drone. Trust us when we say he's got chops.

His latest foray in to ear-blasting finds him employing plenty of doofs in a hardware only minimal techno set. In the parlance of our times: it's fucking sick!

electric & acoustic guitarist, idiosyncratic style. formerly of SHIELD YOUR EYES, and now making up one third of RECIPROCATE.

EAT DADDY EAT (reading, uk)
rock n roll power pop trio.

THE PAWNBROKER (reading, uk)
THE PAWNBROKER is pete brookes and ben sandiford.

minimal hymns for the common man.

original soundtracks for original films.

THIS (reading, uk)
a brand new band. first gig.