where: south street arts centre, reading, uk.
when: Saturday, July 11, 2009 14:00 - 23:00
admission: £10
A HAWK AND A HACKSAW (new mexico, usa)
a hawk and a hacksaw- a rooster, a gaggle of geese, bits of tin, two rivers (one in france, one in new mexico), a violinist who began playing at age three, a small cat who has three little kittens, an assortment of gongs, wooden percussive implements, and portable drums, the occasional jazz musician, or tuba player, an oud master, three accordions, a romanian brass band, 4 hungarian cosmopolitans and a stroh violin.

SLEEPS IN OYSTERS (london, uk)
they sleep in oysters. they are a girl and a boy from paisley and reading. this music is an electronic vernacular in popular song form – it is their imagination and honesty. they record at home and play live in other places, making the sounds with computers, voices, toys, glockenspiel, banjo, accordion, ukulele, old keyboards and other electronic machines.

HOLTONS OPULENT OOG (the thames valley, uk)
the thames valley's premier americana troubadours.

CHOPS (leeds, uk)
CHOPS does its own work for whoever will listen. they dispense with the repertoire of knowledge and experience that is presumed to be required to appreciate art. they replace the elite, intellectual pleasure of "getting it" with the egalitarian fun-house pleasure of disorientation, of trying to understand something that you cannot. CHOPS makes you as one in anxious, enjoyable failure. you may become aware of the vast perceptual resources that await your command just beyond the threshold of your knowing. these, of course, can only be inferred on the rare occassions when they fail to serve your purposes. CHOPS provides picnics for these occassions.

KATIE STELMANIS (toronto, canada.)
with a background in classical operatics and riot grrl influenced punk rock, katie resides in toronto and makes music with her computer, heart and soul.

katie now performs as part of AUSTRA.

GLASS CELLO (london, uk)
glass breaks, but the cello remains.
THE PAWNBROKER (reading, uk)
THE PAWNBROKER is pete brookes and ben sandiford.

minimal hymns for the common man.

original soundtracks for original films.

OM CORPORATION (reading, uk)
a heady mix of folk, world music, and drum n bass brought to you by 3 of reading's most talented musicians.

HUNTING THE SHY (reading, uk)
HUNTING THE SHY are what happens when the grunge kids grow up. raised on a steady diet of nothing but the jesus lizard, melvins, and (smog), these three misfits from reading are creating a sonic whirlwind unlike anything this town has heard before. their spaceage freak rock, kept in check by their trusty drum beast dwight, hits you equally in the heart and the face, and will also have you humming it's melodies under your breath for weeks. despite delighting audiences across reading with their rough around the edges live show, the band themselves remain unsatisfied as they are seeking perfection - perhaps the star's will be correctly aligned on a night near you soon...

AMY'S GHOST (reading, uk)
amy's ghost are a band from Reading fronted by singer/songwriter amy barton. risen from the ashes of her former band ‘wire jesus’ and allowed to run wild, she defines herself even more in style, more dramatic and fiery than before. their emotionally charged and highly visual live shows leave you open mouthed and sensually violated.

no nonsense poetic indie rock taking the best parts of sebadoh, the boss, creedence, and super furry animals.