an econo band night #18

where: south street arts centre, reading, uk.
when: Thursday, July 29, 2010 20:00 - 23:00
admission: 3
heights were due to play this, but they pulled out late on due to illness. robin williams and silvery magnus stepped in!
CISSY (leeds, uk)
cissy is a hybrid, an unlikely meeting of synthpunk and afrobeat asteroids, skewed in time and space, joyful in collision and radiating polyrhythmic ripples from the core!

ARSENIO (reading, uk)
ARSENIO are an unassuming guitar and drum duo from the burbs of reading who play a form of glistening high powered sportsmusic. chug and squall and syncho rumble. math rock scribbled on a napkin, more than the sum of its parts, an equation that does not equate. sprawling and restless riff monster compojams that hide their tracts of melody like an ogre hides his heart. that lodge their spawn nestled in your ears and leave them to hatch and grow up in your brain. enjoy.

SILVERY MAGNUS (reading, uk)
a perverted loner, silvery magnus mostly plays electronic machines and manipulated feedback. has a disgraceful fetish for sound modifying pedals. also enjoys magnets & metal objects. smears his sound onto computers & minidiscs & cdrs.

BIG GUNS (reading, uk)
party anthems for the socially backwards.