you're so bored #3

where: the rising sun arts centre, reading, uk.
when: Friday, November 23, 2007 19:00 - 23:59
admission: £2.37
the gauss experience were meant to play, but only one of them made it only from germany in the end. he came along with a couple of friends who had recently formed a band called the burlesque. there was 5 minutes at the end of the show, so they played their first gig.
EBBS AND FLOWS (london, uk)
ebbs and flows is the work of rob calder, who ditched the more traditional tools of rock and folk music to form a one man space orchestra.

now utilising synths and electronic drums to create stark minimalist soundscapes ,which conjure up images of what boards of canada may have sounded like if they had holed up in gritty north london instead of the scottish hills.
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tilehurst childrens arkestra let the music do the talking. formed by five alumni of denefield School in tilehurst after jamming together for a number of years, the arkestra have been gigging some of reading's more illustrious venues (south street, the rising sun arts centre, global cafe, etc) since 2007 as well as throwing in the odd jaunt to london, hamburg, and bracknell for good measure. their powerful sound is as equally informed by teenage obsessions with metal, indie rock, and rap music as it is by their more mature tastes in krautrock, jazz, and progressive rock - a heady mixture that the band strip down to it's brass tacks, producing short, sharp, precise bursts of songs without the endless "faffing about" connected with many of these genres.

SKYLINE DOSSIER (reading, uk)
peter morgan and elizabeth thomas met at an enya concert in 1997. they discovered a shared love of dinner parties and telling tramps, the trench, poor people and former bradford & bingley employees to get a job (apart from the girl in the bowler hat from the adverts. lloyd always had a thing for her). it was at one of their (now almost legendary) dinner parties that they met victoria, a local "businesswoman" and daniel, a rake. victoria introduced the party to a "trapezoid" business plan that involved forming a small company, which would come to be known as skyline enterprises ltd. daniel was just there for the pudding: banoffee pie.

skyline, through their innovative and irregular business practices, attracted the attention of detective inspector whitehurst of the serious fraud office and he created a file accounting the whole sordid affair: the bad taste in music, the deliberate overpayment of taxes, the unusual combination of fruit and toffee. shortly after completing his task, d.i. whitehurst disappeared without trace. the "dossier" was acquired by skyline in a hostile takeover during the great depression. thus, SKYLINE DOSSIER came to be.

FILIP HNIZDO (oxhey village, hertfordshire, uk)
electrodoodle, maritme folk, submarine narrative...

two piece experimental rock band. guitars backed up with synths and drum machine beats.

THE BURLESQUE (hamburg, germany)
scratchy garage pop songs from germany.