where: south street arts centre, reading, uk.
when: Saturday, July 7, 2012 15:00 - 23:30
admission: £10 advance / £15 on the door
BO NINGEN (london, uk)
pysche rockin kraut bangin math funkin japanoise, born in japan, formed in london, mindmelting tunes and an unmissable live spectacle.

EUROS CHILDS (freshwater east, wales)
euros childs is a welsh singer/songwriter who was the lead singer, keyboardist and songwriter for psychedelic folk group gorky’s zygotic mynci from their formation in 1991 until their breakup in 2006. he is the brother of the band’s violinist megan childs, who frequently collaborates with him.

childs launched his solo career in 2006. since then he has released a series of albums: “chops” (2006), “bore da” (2007), “the miracle inn” (2007) “cheer gone” (2008), “son of euro child” (2009), “face dripping” (2010), “ends” (2011).
official website

FELIX (london, uk)
felix produce a bewitching, minimal chamber pop that works as the perfect framework for singer/songwriter lucinda chua's oblique and emotionally immediate stories of superstition and searching for protection against bad omens.

official website

LAURA J MARTIN (liverpool, uk)
thinkie folkie weirdie beardie (without the beardie), and funki (with an *i* - check it), mixed in a cauldron with some jazzy slurp = niceness squared = laura j martin.

NØUGHT (london, uk)
nøught plays purely instrumental music, always heavy, and with an occasional jazzy or krautrock bent which usually ends up getting compared to the guitar freakouts of classic bands as king crimson or can, as well as more recent outifts like primus and sonic youth.

SEAMUS FOGARTY (swinford, ireland)
seamus fogarty hails from the west of ireland and writes songs about mountains that steal t-shirts, women who look like dinosaurs and various other unfortunate incidents.

he came to the attention of scottish record label fence records after supporting james yorkston (domino/fence records) at a show in kilkenny. an invitation to the collective’s annual home game festival in anstruther, fife, soon followed – with seamus performing in front of about five people at a secret pub show/bar room brawl. king creosote was one of those in attendance, and was immediately hooked (nearly left-hooked).

GEESE (london, uk)
geese are a london based duo comprised of emma smith and vincent sipprell, founding members of the elysian quartet, one of the uk’s bravest and boldest proponents of modern classical music. this duo play experimental, ambient music on the violin.

HALO HALO (london, uk)
they are a multi-coloured pudding! and a dance-sinawi-pop-trio from london. featuring the drummer from previous guests trash kit!

official website

HANK HAINT (kent, uk)
he lives in a shack and makes music. hank haint is a home-taping one man band from the south of england, mixing garage rock with blues music and plays it LOUD.

BARBAROSSA (london, uk)
barbarossa (‘red beard’ in italian) is the alter-ego of london based singer-songwriter james mathe - a man blessed with an incredibly emotive voice, yet cursed with a (well-trimmed) fiery-ginger beard.

barbarossa first came to the attention of fence records in 2004, with a 3 track ep produced by adem (domino records) - and he has since released a mini-album (entitled sea like blood) as part of the collective’s ‘picket fence’ series.

official website

TODDLERS (reading, uk)
spaceage garage skronk raggamuffin bass n drum duo. doubledotdash!? house band.

PET CAT (reading, uk)
formed from the remnants of, possibly, our favourite ever reading band HUNTING THE SHY, PET CAT started life as a solo output for ali’s fragile song-writing. with the addition of former stalker-of-the-meek will on bass and liam on drums (both of ddd!? house band and reading’s "most lethal rhythm section", TODDLERS) PET CAT became a formidable live unit and released the classic 'wires' cassette back in 2012; a spell-binding mix of reverb drenched dream-pop-heaviosity and delicate song craft.

will was replaced by phil whose adroit playing not only complements the existing songs but fleshes out new material that continues to highlight the individual voice and talents of this skilful trio.

J.PERKINS (windsor, uk)
j.perkins has returned to song writing after taking a step back from berkshire’s live music scene. a founding member of the much loved post-rock outfits drsid and kingdomwaits, multi instrumentalist perkins has come back with a more wistful approach.

soundcloud page

SUN SKELETONS DUO (reading, uk)
new duo producing psychedelic drone and ambient sounds. made with guitar and shahi baaja. tumblr

LUA (reading, uk)
a new rock band making their live debut at DOUBLEDOTBASH 2012! featuring members of om corporation and amy's ghost.
HIRED MUSCLE (bletchley, uk)
harsh, clanging guitars play cheeky riffs with weird grooves and messy melodies. short, shouty, sweet, succinct songs. the product of 2 franks who started figuring out the guitar together in bletchley in year 8.

NO (london, uk)
ferocious, desperate hardcore punk played by misfits (some of whom also play in satellites of love, shitty limits and tremors) that sounds rooted in the sounds of early richmond and mid-western american hardcore (comparisons to die kruezen, a more rabid white cross and mecht mensch aren't completely invalid), but not stuck completely in the past. soundcloud page