no dancing #1

where: milk, reading, uk.
when: Friday, September 21, 2012 19:30 - 23:59
admission: free
NO DANCING is a DJ night. it is a no holds barred journey through the concept of "the banger".

for some people, this is a banger.

to other people, this is a banger.

we hope to explore the space between and outside of these bangers thoroughly.

(dancing is allowed.)
your selectors (let real names be the truth):

jamie is currently co-vocalist and noise-monger in reading's current hype band WORKIN MAN NOISE UNIT. in the past, he was also involved with the much missed gig night / zine PIXADELICA. he is also a reluctant ringleader of reading's finest improv band TOO MANY COOKS ARKESTRA.

mark is co-founder and chief administrator of doubledotdash!? who have been operating in the reading underground music scene for approx 8 years. he does little else, and is not used to writing about himself in the third person.

paul is manager of the OXFAM music shop in reading, and organiser/dj of the MONDO FUZZ nights held at global cafe every month. he also hosts the MONDO FUZZ radio show on the READING4U community radio station. amongst other things, he has also played guitar for MARK KNIGHT & THE WITCHES and GONZO & THE RAZZ.

matt is a well known mover and shaker in various counties across the kingdom. over the years he has put on some awesome shows under the name HALF A PIGEON, single handedly introducing us to the likes of the shitty limits and shield your eyes amongst many others also under the HALF A PIGEON name he has put out several zines featuring stories, drawings, things, and cdrs. you will also hopefully know him as that SLY & THE FAMILY DRONE guy.