the evening redness in the west by JOE MARSHALL (ddd033)
2 track tape / digital download.

"Another beautifully formed and highly useful release is Joe Marshall’s spectacular 22-minute EP THE EVENING REDNESS IN THE WEST, which creates in listeners’ minds a delightfully unsignposted and roadless musical landscape, as huge industrial-sized clouds of sound engulf and intoxicate. Talk about Sonic Catering, this music was achieved on the musical equivalent of an old secondary school canteen stove, participants enjoying a hearty pudding at music’s end. Slipping out on one of Double Dot Dash’s low-key old-style musicassettes, this Marshall tour de force is accompanied by a free download, rendering it an essential to all you Inner Space Cadets with a perpetual jones for Righteous Cuntedness. Play it all night on repeat and petition our composer for a full LP’s worth. Right fucky on!"
- julian cope, head heritage.

1. black dunes
2. westward again