be kind by WILD ISLAND (ddd038)
wild island is mark knight. like many musicians before him (and no doubt many to come), he recorded most of ‘be kind’ in various rooms of various houses. i guess you could call it lo-fi, and a lot of people probably would but that would be sort of missing the point. lo-fi doesn’t mean hastily recorded – it’s a platform for exploring all sorts of sonic possibilities. these songs are littered with sonic tricks, amplified and warped by the perpetual hiss of tape (just check out the restless ocean of feedback underlying ‘guided’, or the way ‘sun’s’ halo of reverb snaps and pops). dnd then there’s ‘loper,’ a downbeat instrumental bummer which starts off like some long lost siltbreeze b-side and then drifts off on a haze of mournful, extended guitar tones. there are plenty of more immediate songs on the tape (and they are great songs), but this is a record as much about the sounds as it is the songs, and all the better for it. dive in.

album on cassette tape and/or download.

1. sun
2. america, again
3. bad words (howling)
4. lowlights
5. ghost town
6. stupor
7. paint
8. loper
9. guided
10. late train
11. spring