low melt by BLACKHOODS (ddd041)
4 track cassette/download recorded live at south street arts centre. super limited edition of 30.

"Like Iíve always said: If you can make music that sounds like liquid, youíve got a good thing going. Blackhoods exist so far under the oceanís surface youíd need a trio of Jon Camerons to pull them out, pulling off a strange hybrid that mixes Dolphins Into The Future aqua-spherics with echo-obsessed canyon jams, deep-sea dubbing, lo-fi, degraded Metasplice beats and the noise drill-clicks of Hair Police..." - the gumshoe grove.

"Bloody hell, this groove is good. Itís like some reggae DJ sampled swamp music, Boards of Canada and Excepterís more somnambulist grooves. Live too. Itís the toaster and the minimalism of the sound FX that makes this so compelling, and so perfect for endless repetition, too." - julian cope, address drudion.

1. first
2. dooomhound
3. low melt
4. s.c.a.d.d.d.p.