r.i.p. music by $UN $KELETONS GET IT UP YERS TRIO (ddd056)
$un $keletons Get It Up Yers Trio is: Crinkil on sax, Krang on shahi baaja and The Breadman on guitar.

<< A sunny Spring day in 2016, we arrived at a studio without a plan. Buoyed by a huge picture on the wall of the popular singer and goddess Shania Twain, we ecstatically farted out several 'no rules' tunes, recorded quickly and in single takes. Outside, a cat lying in the sun peered through the window, occasionally mouthing profanities at us, such as "The fuck you up to in there, lads" and "What the fuck is this horseshit, sounds like death." >>

released January 31, 2017

Recorded & mastered by Matt Stevens.

1. winding up the gramophone
2. sauna world
3. yoker
4. big wednesday